Day 11–11th Nov 2020.

Hello everyone, This is day 11 of my personal blog. If you are new and wanted to know about me then read this. You can also read about my previous day here.

Today I woke up same where around 6:30 AM suffering from my leg pain. Today I decided to remove my bandage from my knee, I was not able to fold or move my knee properly, I asked my cousin for this, (He is pursuing MBBS, SO he had good idea about these), we went to terrace and he came with some liquid to make bandage loose from my knee wound. It was very painful process, somehow I manage to remove all the bandage and leap other medicine to make to wound dry faster. Due to this today I wasn’t able to take bath and not able to exercise.

Then it’s time to start my office work, I have finished my meeting and working on some important task, In between I got the message from my manager about some work, saying he wasn’t satisfied with that work and he was saying some other things as well.

I had some short of insecurity about my job, many thoughts were coming in my mind, This incident again makes me strongly thing about some alternative to job. I was thinking I should have some other thing, I should not be only dependent on job and some other thought were roaming in my mind. But the fact is nothing is in my hand other than my work, I thought I will just do my work and don’t thing about result, what worst could happen, I will loose my job, nothing else. I again focused on my work.

Now it’s almost end of the day, we all were standing on kitchen making fun of each other and enjoying our time, after that we had our lunch and went to sleep. This was my entire day.

Thanks for reading, have a good time.



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