Day 13–13th Nov 2020.

Vikas Pandey
2 min readNov 14, 2020


Hello everyone, This is day 13 of my personal blog. If you are new and wanted to know about me then read this. You can also read about my previous day here.

Today I woke up around 7 AM and completed my usual morning, today I have done little exercise as my pain was in control. I had my breakfast and it’s time to start office work. It was usual office day, I had some discussion with my manager regarding my performance since this is my confirmation month.

It’s around 1:30 PM, I had my lunch and went to garden just to relax and was cycling there for sometime. I came back after sometime, my uncle came with crackers for us to celebrate Diwali. And my cousin decorated home with lights and we all were looking that, It was looking good. After sometime me and my cousin decided to go to market to get some stuff.

We went there, got all the stuff and was coming back, As usual I was riding bike, we were about to reach home, around 200 meter were remaining, bike was in speed(around 50 KM) and I sow something, It was dark night and bike’s light was on and I saw some bull shadow, he was crossing road, I said to my cousin like (Ye phir se aa gya) and I took emergency break and bangggg.. our bike skate and we again had bad accident, Everything happen in few seconds, My cousin was lying on the road, he had scratch on this hand finger and small crack on his eyebrow, he was bleeding. And I had some scratch on toe, knee and my waist was paining, I was not able to stand properly, somehow I stand and help my cousin to stand and he was telling to side the bike, I told him, don’t worry about bike, sit on the side, I called my other cousin and told him about this and ask him to come here, within minute he came with cycle and I asked him to take bike to home, I was walking slowly with my cousin, we reach home and directly went inside and washed the blood and my cousin slept. After sometime my uncle came and asked what happen? I told him everything, He was angry on us and told not to use bike again. Then my elder cousin came with fasted kit and my uncle done ointment.

After some rest we had our dinner and went to sleep, I was not able to walk properly and constantly thinking why this happen, many thoughts were roaming around my mind. Somehow I managed to sleep.

That was my day, Life is so unpredictable and don’t know what will happen and when, It could be our last day, or our injury maybe worst. So, love yourself and take care of yourself and your loved one. Good night take care.