Day 2–2nd Nov 2020.

Vikas Pandey
3 min readNov 3, 2020


Hello everyone, This is day 2nd of my personal blog. If you are new and wanted to know about me then read this.

Today I woke up around 7 AM, It was bit colder night and weather are changing here in UP, It is getting colder everyday. Due to cold my one noes is like stuck and It wasn’t a very good sleep for me. So, I woke up done my all usual work like going to fresh o, exercise, bath & breakfast and then it’s time to office. Let me tell you something about me. I usually spend my most of the time on youtube listening about any topic, so you can see in my phone I have saved 100’s of videos. So, before office I spend time on youtube.

This is how my youtube downloaded video looks like.

It’s time to office 10 AM. Everyday we have a team meeting at 10:30 AM. So, I joined my meeting, Today we were having sprint planning. Sprint is kind of technical word, In easy term it’s like planning our work for next 2 week. That meet was a bit long. Than meeting is done and I had my lunch around 1 PM by watching RadhaKrishna on Hotstar. RadhaKrishna is show about lord Krishna and Radha’s love. It is great show, you can try if you are spiritual or if you have any interest to know about Krishna.

After lunch, I resumed my office work and had some discussion with one of my colleagues about some feature I have to implement in my office’s app. Also today there is fishing going on in our neighbourhood. There is small kind of pond just left side of house, and there were a fish on it, so there is one local family who were doing fishing in it. Fishing I mean first they made that pond empty and then there were some small fishes that they were collecting.It was long process around 4–5 hrs.

Then In the evening around 5 PM me and my cousins went to market to get some milk and have some tea. There is one tea stall nearby who makes a good tea and provide tea in kullad. Below is the image in case you wonder what is kullad.

Tea kullad.

We get some milk to make Carrot Pudding (gajar ka halwa), It is Indian sweet and it is awesome in test, you should try this. And after that I was scrolling through youtube and accidentally landed to some song that made with some different video and I like it, It was king of romantic video kind of love story. After sometime I find this Web series named Please find attached season 2, so I decided to watch this tonight this was short web series with 3 episode in first season and one episode out in second season. I downloaded it and watched it. It was good, Here’s the link in case you would like to watch.

And that’s it after we went to have our dinner, then I come back to my bed and saw the message from my office in my phone, I checked it there were some issue going on with the code, I looked into that for sometime, added my findings and decided to sleep.

I am writing this blog in next morning. This was all about my day, I have not included some of the events that are more personal to me and at this time I am not comfortable writing those. So, this was pretty much my entire day.

Thanks you for reading.



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